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Premiere Honda Civic Type R: Here Honda delivers the electric motor

The next Civic Type R . has been revealed

Honda’s new wing monster

Honda Civic is only available with a hybrid drive. But with the newly revealed sports version called the Type R, the Japanese automaker saves on electricity and relies entirely on fuel, spoilers and a turbocharger. But there is one detail that remains a secret.

Honda Civic has never been boring. With the launch of the first generation 50 years ago, the Japanese automaker truly took off in Europe for the first time. The third generation was crowned in 1983 by Crazy CRXThunderbolt, two-door, 125 hp. In the eighth generation, the cockpit looked as if you could use it to control a spacecraft. And the ninth-generation Type R athlete set new standards: more spoilers no longer fit the tailgate.

The new eleventh edition of the Civic is rolling out in its form American hatchback car And only with a hybrid drive. But despite electricity and carbon dioxide limits, there’s another type of R. It doesn’t look quite as militaristic and polarizing as some of its predecessors. But there must be one thing: the slightly sloping rear wing of the XXL, which recreates the ’80s. So that the power also hits the ground, there are 19-inch matte black wheels, a massive front spoiler, large air intakes behind the front wheels and a powerful rear diffuser.