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Premier League Referees – Video Assistant Referee: A Career Killer Or A Needy Savior? – Sports


Referees are often found guilty of a wrong decision by their VAR colleagues. Does this put your jobs at risk sometimes?

The hand goes to the ear, a strained look, then a whistle and a rectangle drawn in the air. Every football fan has known this little dance for a long time. The video assistant referee reports to the referee. Usually because the referees missed something on the field.

It is not surprising, therefore, that such interference would lead to disappointment in the referee concerned. But only at first, as explained by top referee Lukas Vandrich: “If the VAR intervenes, I have the opportunity to correct a mistake. I’m very happy about that.” He sees this as a “very human component. I don’t see my acceptance limited by that.”

Controversial VAR decisions over the weekend

It does not matter who intervenes and how often

According to the rules, the VAR may only intervene in the event of serious wrong decisions. The more Volketswil “Big Brother” reports, the worse the fieldmates will perform? It’s not that simple, jury chairman Daniel Wermelinger assures. After all, there are sometimes situations on the lawn that are almost impossible to recognize.

“We don’t keep any statistics on which referees get involved more often,” Wermelinger explains. And anyway: “The referee can certainly make minor errors that are at least as relevant in assessment as VAR interventions.” Other criteria such as appearance or game management are also included in the evaluation.

“It is not in any way permissible to make mistakes in front of the screens.”

Overwatch at Volketswil – so it’s not a professional killer. With or without the VAR, if the referees make a break that decides the match, the result is automatically a negative classification.

Referee Fähndrich noted that referees are more likely to forgive fouls on site because they only have one chance. With VAR, on the other hand, you go to court much harsher: “Under no circumstances should mistakes happen in front of screens.”