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Pregnant daughter Aurora becomes a fitness freak

A little exercise is a must – also during pregnancy. Maybe find Michelle Hunziker’s daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti.

Aurora Ramazzotti doesn’t spare herself when it comes to working out while she’s pregnant. – Instagram / therealauroragram


The basics in brief

  • Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant.
  • That’s why Michelle Hunziker’s daughter doesn’t take it easy.

Boom, boom, bang – but someone’s turning out to be a sporting cannon here! the speech? She is by Michelle Hunziker’s (45) daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti (26).

She is with her husband now first pregnant son in April Minnie– Ramazzotti sees the light of day.

Michelle Hunziker sweats her lap while exercising. Auora Ramazzotti’s daughter also loves to keep fit. – Instagram / therealhunzigram

Resting on the couch and nibbling for two? Not in Aurora.

Michelle Hunziker’s daughter gives gas at the gym

if yogastretching or with weights The job – Aurora may have inherited the athletic gene from Michelle Hunziker. As is known, she devoted herself to one of the hardest martial arts in the world for a few months.

Not only does the soon-to-be mom keep the craze going, but a little exercise should also be possible for Aurora with a baby bump. She also keeps fit with dumbbells. Will partner Goffredo Sirza be part of the units? Anyway, you don’t see the 26-year-old in tracksuits…

Did you also exercise during pregnancy?

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