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Pre-playoff duels – Freiburg demands Lugano, Cloten wants to upset SCB – Sport

Pre-playoff duels – Freiburg demands Lugano, Cloten wants to upset SCB – Sports – SRF

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With the end of the regular season, I made the last decisions in the National League. We provide an overview.


Who prevails?

Lugano meets Freiburg in the qualifiers.

Estelle Fanny / Fresh Fox


Friborg (7th)

Lugano (10th)

Berne (8)

Gluten (9.)


Geneva (1)

Participants before the play-off

Bell (2.)

Participants before the play-off

Lakers (third)

train (sixth)

ZSC Lions (4th)

Davos (5th)

The best-3 series of heats starts next Tuesday, March 7, with the top-ranked teams (Freiburg and Bern) having their home rights to start. The second match comes two days later on Thursday, March 9, with Peel likely to take place on Saturday, March 11.

Freiburg (7)-Lugano (10): Is it clear?

  • All 4 season duels went to Gottéron, who was the best-ranked in the regular season. Recently, the French-speaking Swiss have clearly won 7:4 and 6:1.
  • Apart from appearing against Bell (5:6 nP) in the last round, when Lugano gave up a 5:1 lead, the Ticino team was in great shape: they won 4 of their last 5 matches before the last round.
  • Freiburg gave up their place in the playoffs which they thought was safe in the final round of the season. Can Christian Dubi’s team turn the switch back?
  • Both teams are below average in boxing. Lugano is number 10 in the league, Freiburg allows more goals when outnumbered.

Berne (8) – Kloten (9): Extra round for the promoted team

  • For a rookie Kloten, going into the playoffs is the reward for a great season. For the ambitious SCB, on the other hand, ending the season prematurely would be a bitter disappointment.
  • The season record for the two teams is balanced with two wins each. Because one of Bern’s successes came only after extra time, Kloten scored more points overall in head-to-head duels.
  • With a success rate of nearly 25 percent, Kloten had the fourth-best power play in the league in the regular season. SCB can’t keep up with a rate of about 21 percent.
  • At SCB, a lot depends on Chris DiDomenico. The top scorer scores a lot of goals, but also spends above average time in the penalty area. What face does the Canadian show at the crucial stage?

SRF Radio 3, Evening Bulletin, March 4, 2023, 10 p.m.;

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