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Powerful message for little brother.  Harry delivers - William talks about love.

Powerful message for little brother. Harry delivers – William talks about love.

Prince William speaks of “esprit de corps” at the Christmas party. Not long ago, he was criticized by his brother, Prince Harry, in the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan”.

Yesterday Thursday praises Prince William Tribute to his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. During a Christmas party at Westminster Abbey, he spoke of their love of the “Christmas spirit of togetherness”. British reports “daily Mail”.

The words came as a surprise – his brother, Prince Harry, shared them a few hours earlier in the Netflix Documentary “Harry & Meghan” against his brother.

Prince Harry talks about meeting with his family to discuss his retirement from the royal family.

William shouted at Harry

“It was scary how my brother yelled and yelled at me and my father said things that weren’t true.” Harry remembers that Queen Elizabeth sat there and watched.

Getting back to William, the passage he read during the concert is from the late Queen’s Christmas message of 2012. She said at the time that she was “always amazed by the spirit of togetherness” during the Christmas season.

There was no indication that Prince William wanted to address his brother with this letter. In fact, the recording of the “Together At Christmas” concert was planned long before the Netflix documentary aired. The ceremony will be broadcast on ITV on 24 December.

But who knows: maybe the Christmas miracle will happen after all and the quarreling brothers will somehow find each other again.

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