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Postfinance warns of a new scam: Be careful, under no circumstances should you open this message

Postfinance warns of a new scam: Be careful, under no circumstances should you open this message

Please be especially careful with messages from Postfinance at this time.

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Postfinance warns of a new scam. This reaches unsuspecting victims via the mailbox – and can have serious consequences.

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  • Postfinance warns of a new scam.
  • It appears that the scammers are sending genuine scam messages in the name of the bank.
  • Under no circumstances should the associated QR code be scanned.

Phishing attacks, in which fraudsters attempt to steal personal information, have become widespread. Postfinance is now warning of a new and particularly sophisticated method: scammers are sending fake messages to customers.

These letters look serious, are printed on high-quality paper and are properly drafted. The content is alarming: Recipients are asked to immediately reactivate their access to e-banking by scanning the QR code shown in the message.

However, this QR code leads to a fake website where scammers try to get your login details. If personal data and card number are found in such a letter, Postfinance strongly advises you to block the account immediately. If the data has already been entered, it must be reported to the police immediately.

Always new scam methods

Postfinance and the police confront each other SRF I was surprised by the new way scammers pay postage and try their best to access the data. Postfinance generally advises you to be very careful and carefully check all links and messages you receive to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing attack.

It is unclear how exactly the scammers obtained the data. According to the Zurich Cantonal Police, the card data as well as the owner's name and address could be available on the dark web.

Scammers are always finding new ways to get money. For example, job offers are also circulated on WhatsApp. Here you will be contacted by scammers via WhatsApp with a lucrative job offer.

They either falsely pretend to be representatives of real, reputable companies or create an entirely fake company, including a website. Anyone who enters their data will lose a lot of money.