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Post-Brexit deal – Perseus closes Swiss gaps abroad in Great Britain – News


After Brexit: A new treaty reopens the respective health care system for the British.

Anyone who does not wish to go directly into isolation in the UK must be vaccinated upon entry and complete the five-page entry protocol. This procedure also applies to the Swiss Minister of Health.

In the saloon of the Swiss Embassy in central London, Federal Councilor Alain Bersett said it was difficult, but self – evident: “You must at least abide by the rules. We expect it from all citizens, and of course we do.”

70,000 people have been affected by the Brexit gap

Alan Percet came to London to fill the holes and gaps. After the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union, 42,000 Britons in Switzerland and 28,000 Swiss expatriates abroad in Great Britain fell into the insurance gap.

All Social Security agreements with Brexit are obsolete. Switzerland and Great Britain have now closed this gap again with a bilateral agreement. For example, the British may regain access to the Swiss health system with their health insurance card, and Swiss women abroad may use the British health service.


Social Affairs Minister Alain Borsett and UK Minister Nigel Adams signed a new Social Security agreement on Thursday. This will ensure that people in both countries have access to health care after Brexit.


Therefore, before Brexit and again before Brexit, the Federal Council explains: “We have a lot of bilateral relations and better economic and social interests. We need to have a certain stability and vision to know what applies to social security.

There must be a certain consistency and foresight to know what applies to social security.

Various advances in infection

Perset spoke with his UK counterpart Sajid Javed about how to deal with the epidemic. The UK and Switzerland approached the health crisis differently. After initial reluctance, the British government opted for a strict lockout, actually closing the borders, and vaccinating Switzerland faster and faster than before.

“Unlike Switzerland, it is possible to vaccinate 98 per cent of the elderly in Great Britain. In Switzerland it is only 85 per cent,” Berset said. This difference is significant in an age group in which the virus can cause major problems.

Perseus points out that Switzerland is doing badly with other ages: “This is a concern right now. We were first, we’re almost last in Europe now. It’s slowing us out of the crisis.”

We were first, and now we are almost the last in Europe. This slows the exit from the crisis.

Clear announcement from the Queen

About 90 percent of Britons over the age of 16 have been vaccinated at least once. The Queen urged her citizens to be vaccinated. This is just a small punch that will protect you and the whole country.

During irrational vaccination discussions, the Swiss health minister occasionally secretly dreams of a monarchy in which recommendations cannot be made, but can orders be issued?

“It’s hard to compare,” Berset laughs.

Federal Councilor Perseus has work to do on Friday: the next Govt is in the testing program. Forced on the second day after arriving in the UK.