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Portrait of Prince Albert with illegitimate children: An insult to Princess Charlene

Prince Albert standing with his illegitimate children

An insult to Princess Charlene

Thriller in the royal family of Monaco: Albert II appears with his illegitimate sons. Charlene shouldn’t like this look at all. Because the photo was taken by Albert’s ex-lover.


This photograph of Prince Albert II (left) with his illegitimate children Jasmine Grace Grimaldi and Alexander Grimaldi Coast is the subject of debate.

This photo causes a stir: Prince Albert II (64) in New York with his two illegitimate children. The King of Monaco has already traveled to the United States with his wife, Princess Charlene (44). At the Princess Grace Awards, the two were intimate. At breakfast with Albert’s children, Jasmine Grace Grimaldi (30 years old) and Alexander Grimaldi Kost (19 years old), there was no trace of the former professional swimmer.

But Albert’s former lover and Alexander’s mother, Nicole Kost (50), was there. She was the one who took the photo and posted it. The former host wrote “New York, King Sr.” Charlene should be especially angry about this, because the two women do not get along at all.