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Port Royale 4 - Releases September 24th for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X |  S.

Port Royale 4 – Releases September 24th for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Port Royale 4 will be released in the Caribbean trading simulator a little later than the original, on September 24, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles | S due to unexpected cross winds.

Next-gen versions of Port Royale 4 offer a stunning 4K gaming world on PS5 and Xbox Series X (1080p on Xbox Series S), cross-generational save and real-time cloud rendering. Both versions will appear digitally in both the Standard Edition and the Extended Edition – the latter contains exclusive digital content such as 4 beacons and blueprints for 5 fantastic gardens in which players can decorate their settlements. An extended version will also be available in stores.

About Port Royal 4:

The sails are set, the reservation is filled with valuable merchandise and the cannons are ready for action! In Port Royale 4, as a young and ambitious ruler, take control of a small colony and fight alongside colonial powers in the 17th century for supremacy in the Caribbean. With foresight and organizational talent, you advance the economic development of your settlement in order to gradually expand it into a profitable business empire with crowded cities.

Your city’s needs are constantly growing – use the many islands to create profitable production chains and a working infrastructure with complex trade routes. Make your own detailed marine map to skilfully navigate inclement weather areas, treacherous cliffs and shallow waters. Successfully complete missions from your Viceroy, unlock concessions to city buildings, ships, and more. Conquer the cities of enemy states or hunt their fleets with a piracy message and secure valuable goods. But watch out for pirates and other pirates who are always lurking.

For the first time in the popular “Port Royale” series, the naval battles in Part 4 will take place in a turn-based environment with up to 8 ships. Use the captain’s special tactics to turn any hopeless battle into a glorious victory.

Port Royale 4 by Film and Media Foundation NRW promotion.

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