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Porsche Ulrich Körner with Graubünden number

Porsche Ulrich Körner with Graubünden number

Ulrich Körner loves expensive cars: from classic cars to sports cars.

In a Porsche 911, the CS CEO cruises the streets of his home on the Gold Coast in Zurich.

With a Graubünden license plate.

Many people in Zurich do. You have a stay (holiday) in the mountain canton. Taxes are low there.

The bank declined to comment. The questions were:

“Why does Ulrich Körner have a Graubünden license plate? Does he live in Graubünden? No longer on Lake Zurich?”

The City of Gold Coast is still listed as a residential address on the Trade Register.

A few years ago, Korner built a large villa on the right bank of Lake Zurich. An observer at the time said there was room for 20 cars in the underground car park.

During his time at UBS, Korner drove in the Beijing and Paris vintage car rallies. At the time, it was said that Korner should treat himself to adventure as a well-deserved vacation.

He also loved to travel with his friend and business partner Claudio Sisulu in noble carriages from the past.

The businessman managed to take over the acquisition of UBS in 2013 under the responsibility of Korner and with the blessing of then CEO Sergio Ermotti.

Grain in the wheel, Sisulu on the side (Flickr)

Korner’s roots lie in the city of Graubünden. Prior to his time at HSG in Zuoz, he attended the private high school he is today Vice boarding school.

At 65 percent, municipal taxes in Zuoz are lower than Zurich’s cheap towns of Rüschlikon, at 75 percent, or Herliberg, at 78 percent.

Returning from UBS to CS, he gives the banker a chance to talk to an expensive office on Paradeplatz. walking talk? some wondered.

At the new UBS, Körner moves into group management. This is led by his former boss and longtime close friend Ermotti.

On the contrary, under the leadership of the top team, thousands of CS bankers are threatened with extinction. They could end up on the streets as supernumeraries in the deal of the century.