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Pope with a direct attack on cryptocurrencies

Pope with a direct attack on cryptocurrencies

Pope Francis is shooting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are causing red heads among investors. The Pope only cares about the environment.

The basics are in brief

  • In a tweet, the Pope called for an abandonment of climate-damaging technologies.
  • The Pope will likely be particularly interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Supporters of these digital currencies criticize the Pope’s statement.

Digital currencies For several reasons Criticize. One of the big arguments for opponents of cryptocurrencies: environmental pollution. While there are more and more “green” alternatives Like “Cardano” Bitcoin in particular is considered climate-damaging.

Now run Pentecost Also Pope Francis Personal mood is against an increasingly popular payment method. He wrote in a tweet: “Technology is very sensitive to use Fossil fuel pollution On the basis of, it must be replaced. Immediately.”

The Pope did not explicitly mention decentralized digital currencies. But regarding the current ubiquitous dispute over cryptocurrencies, there is little room for interpretation of the tweet.

Do you support the opinion of Pope Francis?

Investors are protecting Bitcoin and Co.

It wasn’t long before cryptocurrency enthusiasts came. “It seems strange to tweet to the Pope, but…” CryptoJeff begins his post and replies sarcastically: “Are you suggesting that we exchange petrodollars for Bitcoin?”

Petrodollar means something like: money that comes from oil exports. So the user sees that physical money reaps a lot The worst environmental footprint I got bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency investors accuse Bob of corruption

Aharon Twitter– Users go away and take over the presidency of the Roman Catholic Church corruption“I’m sure banksters (a term for corrupt bankers) paid him for his testimony,” said azerX user.

Op Pope Francis Notice the discontent reactions? Unlikely. Figures such as the Pope usually have an aide who takes care of public communication.

However, discontent among cryptocurrency investors should not go unnoticed by the Catholic Church.

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