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Pop star Michelle dazzles with a new look

Pop star Michelle dazzles with a new look

Are you dear Michelle the singer has a new and surprising look.

The basics in brief

  • New hairstyle for singer Michelle.
  • The singer is now wearing grey.

Some get it naturally. Others help.

Pop star Michelle (49) belongs to the latter group. The singer is currently appearing on her Instagram– Channel glasses – and dyed gray hair.

Michelle, as a musician, says she has been striving for the perfect look for a long time. “At some point I got to this point and said, ‘No, what is perfection?'”

Currently this appears to be the new mane. The mane of the blond whale from the past has become a thing of the past.

One fan or the other can never get used to it. Someone writes: “Hairstyle somehow makes you very old…or that’s exactly what I mean.”

She says in her video that a new operation is pending. But not for beauty this time. The singer wants to get rid of her glasses and have her eyes lasered.

What do you think of Michelle’s new hairstyle?

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