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Pop star Jürgen Drews has admitted lying for years

Pop star Jürgen Drews has admitted lying for years

Updated August 12, 2021, 8:35 am

  • Jürgen Drews has lied about his age for years.
  • As the 76-year-old singer said, he cheated even younger.
  • It is said that the lie was his manager’s idea at the time.

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Jürgen Drews hasn’t always been completely honest with his fans. Regarding his age, the singer has lied for years, now confessing in his podcast “The King’s New Podcast”.

The 76-year-old told the podcast titled “Cinema Career, Sweetheart and the Big Lie with Age” that his manager at the time, Michael Conrad, advised him early in his career to pretend he was three years younger than him.

In a short biography about Druze, which was sent to the media, among other things, dates Conrad Drew’s birth year to 1948 instead of 1945 – on purpose. Conrad had previously explained to him, “That’s not much, but you can still use three years. A lot looks at age.”

Jürgen Drews has held the lie of old age for years

The “King of Mallorca” stated that in order not to denigrate his manager, he continued to hold fast to a lie. The singer justified himself: “I could not help and then stayed with her. I could not go everywhere and say: By the way, my date of birth is wrong.”

In the end, the lie about his age prompted Drews and Conrad to go their separate ways. It seems the Schlager star still fondly remembers this collaboration. Later, Drews said he should have stayed with Conrad.

The singer is afraid of dementia

At 76 years old, Jürgen Drews has to deal with the dangers of aging, as he recently did Bild newspaper betrayal. His forgetfulness has only increased over the past few years: “Of course, it increases with age. Anything that I don’t interest in disappears instantly. I once said among my classmates: ‘I think I’m going to get dementia.'”

Sometimes terms, names and places no longer occur to him, then he will need a keyword and only then the memory will return. He went to therapy to detect a possible brain disease at an early stage. “I had a dementia test at a neurologist. I wanted to know if I was at risk of getting sick because my mother showed signs of dementia towards the end of her life,” Drews said frankly.

The suspicion with him has not been confirmed. But the doctor diagnosed him with a nervous disorder. He suffers from what’s called peripheral neuropathyNerves are no longer doing what they should.
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Feet often tremble, the bed was no longer warm, the mattress suddenly seemed too heavy and the gait unsteady: this may have been Jürgen Drews when he was recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. The pop star is not alone in suffering from this neurological disease.