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Police are investigating Prince Charles

Police are investigating Prince Charles

Did one of Prince Charles’ employees exchange gifts for donations? London police have opened an investigation into the machinations of a former confidant of the royal family.

A new problem for the British royal family: London police are investigating allegations against Prince Charles, the former confidant of the heir to the throne.

As the Metropolitan Police announced on Wednesday, there are reports that a man from Saudi Arabia has been awarded prizes and British citizenship in exchange for donations.

The police statement stated that documents of an internal investigation conducted by the “Prince Foundation” were the reason for the investigation.

Several British newspapers reported last year that the foundation’s then-CEO and a close confidant of Charles, Michael Fawcett, had pledged support for a Saudi businessman’s pursuit of a knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for donations. Newspapers cite an alleged letter from Fawcett in 2017.

Prince Charles supports investigations

Fawcett resigned as CEO after the disclosure. The Foundation launched an investigation. The palace said at the time that Charles fully supported the internal investigation, but denied any involvement of the heir to the throne.

“The Prince of Wales was not aware of the alleged offer of awards or British citizenship based on donations to his charities,” she said on Wednesday from Clarence House, the home of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. A spokesperson for the foundation declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

The news of the police investigation surrounding Charles comes at a bad time for the British royal family. Members of the royal family are currently in On Prince Andrew’s settlement of the abuse case against him Already in the headlines anyway. Prosecutor Virginia Roberts Joffrey withdrew the allegations against him after paying a sum of money.

But even if Prince Charles’ brother survives a lawsuit, he is currently in the British media as a “Coward” and “Royal Shame” a certain.

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