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Polastar is expanding growth in the UK

Motorsport Valley Polastar is expanding growth in the UK

Author: Nick Luhman

The Volvo subsidiary aims to create a truly climate-neutral model by 2030. The vehicle closest to this idea is currently being developed in the UK.

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Polar star growth in “Motorsport Valley”.

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Volvo / Jelly’s electric performance brand expands its research and development center near Birmingham, UK. The manufacturer announced in a press release on Thursday that it wants to double the strength of the development team to 500 employees over an unspecified period.

Polastar players at the Mira Technology Park in the British Midlands are set to focus on the development of the “Precept”, which was first introduced as a concept vehicle last year.

Polastar 3 is still well covered.

Developers have access to a variety of specialized equipment, including a battery test environment in the business park, a test track network and several companies that have gathered their vehicle expertise in the technology park.

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