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Pokémon Unite: Swiss Android players get nothing

Pokémon Unite: Swiss Android players get nothing

Since Wednesday Pokemon MOBA “pokemon uniteNow also available for mobile devices. Swiss Android operators will have to wait a little longer.

On Wednesday, September 22nd, the popular Pokémon à la League of Legends game is now also available for mobile after the switch. When it was released worldwide, the game was released for both iOS and Android. In fact. Swiss AndroidUsers are currently left empty-handed:

Compassion! This is not the first time that Switzerland has not been included in the Pokémon game. Even gacha Pokémon Masters is not available on the Swiss Google Play Store for inexplicable reasons.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company do not currently have information on why the game is not available in Switzerland.

New season and crossplay

If you have an iOS device, you can now start a MOBA for beginners with Nintendo Switch players. With the mobile version, the game now also supports cross-play and the option to use the same account on different devices. So you can take the progress on the key with you on mobile.

A new battle pass with a space theme is also waiting for players. To the delight of many players, the update also introduces a “Welcome Bonus”, which allows you to quickly raise the level of combat items.

Pokémon Turtok and Heiteira are now also in the game, and Mamoswine will be expanding the monster network in the near future.

Pokémon Unite is available for Nintendo Switch and iOS devicesSwiss Android users still have to wait for an official release on the Google Play Store. If you still want to download the game to your Android device, you will definitely find a way on the Internet.

By the way: Do you want to become a master in Pokémon Unite? Sev has important tips for you!

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