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Pokemon Snap Release |

Pokemon Snap Release |

Finally, the popular Pokémon Snap has a successor. Monsters are captured with a camera instead of a BuckyBall.

Animal Crossing has charmed the entire gaming community last year. No other match has caused so much turmoil and calm at the same time. Now Nintendo and Pokémon Company are hitting their next holiday game.

The new Pokémon Snap will be released on April 30th. In this game, inspired by the classic Nintendo 64, you can go on a tour of the Lentil District and take pictures of Pokemon in a variety of environments, from scorching deserts to dense jungles.

Travel without leaving your four walls, so to speak.

In New Pokémon Snap, players play a budding Pokemon photographer who wants to document every Pokemon in the Lentil Archipelago with Professor Mirror, the expert on the lentil region. You’re cruising in a futuristic vehicle called “NEO-ONE”, which is controlling itself. So you can focus on taking pictures. There are over 200 wild Pokemon to discover, roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Travel to different ecosystems at different times of the day to capture Pokemon’s unique behaviors. You can also interact with Pokemon by throwing them “velvet apples”.

With pictures in search of high scores

Professor Mirror also rates your shots, and you’ll then get points depending on what your Pokemon looks like, how big they are, whether they look good in camera and whether they’re in the center of the photo.

The more photos you take and the more you advance your search, the more you can discover. The goal is to create a complete Photodex.

Also specific to the lentil region: The Pokémon and Plants L.They seem vague at times. Will we be able to get to the roots of this phenomenon?

Lentil tickets are reserved

Pokémon Snap wasn’t the next branch with competitive mode, but if Animal Crossing taught us anything last year, it is that even esports fans sit down for a few weeks and months and need a fun game to relax.

Especially now, when travel is not recommended, the photography game is a welcome haven of peace. Then we’re on a pictorial safari.

Pokemon Snap can man Im Nintendo eShop Already downloaded. It will be playable today at midnight.

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The player’s career began with Pokémon Rubin. In the meantime, he tried out every related competitive title but unfortunately had only moderate success. It’s not so important anymore, because he can now share his enthusiasm for gaming with people on and you can only win in the process.

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