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Pokémon GO's season of discovery begins with Flegmon • Nintendo Connect . event

Pokémon GO’s season of discovery begins with Flegmon • Nintendo Connect . event

The season of discovery At 10 am this morning Pokemon GO I started. In line with this, Niantic im Pokemon GO . Blog Announcing his upcoming “A Slow Discovery” event, which will hopefully be inspired by the same Pokémon that inspired Niantic: phlegmon. Appear at this event phlegmonAnd the Gallar FlegmonAnd the Mega for huss And the jalar for hams! Additionally, other Pokémon appear to be either slow or hyperactive.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

date and time

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 10am until Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 8pm (local time)


  • Gallar Flegmon Appears for the first time in Pokemon GO! you can do that jalar for hams Evolve by catching 30 Poison-Type Pokémon while your friend is a Pokémon. According to reports, can Gallar Lachooking for the first time in Pokemon GO sometimes. History may have forgotten…
  • Mega for huss Appears for the first time in massive raids in Pokemon GO! During the event, keep an eye out for exclusive field research missions for which you have tremendous energy to excite received.
  • phlegmonAnd the pommelsAnd the swallowingAnd the spoenk And other Pokémon appear frequently in the wild. With luck you can to excite or Currency Meet up!
  • Gallar FlegmonAnd the Alola-SleimaAnd the muskAnd the chinox And the practical tape Appears in level 1 raid battles. RelaxAnd the no chockingAnd the LetterKing And the Toxiquan Appear in level 3 raid battles.
  • Complete exclusive field research with challenging missions to get rewards.
  • Complete a group challenge themed at each location during the event phlegmon off to Exclusive Flegmon shirtAnd the 30 Hyperbälle And the 3.000 EGP to get.
  • There is more in store Avatar accessories inspired by Flegmon Available!
  • Rotate PokéStops and unlock new gifts Flegmon Inspired Gift Stickers To collect what you can send to your friends.
  • Get the exclusive free event chest in the store 20 PokéballsAnd the 10 super balls And the King’s Stone.