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Pokémon Center for the UK launched online • Nintendo Connect

Owns New York Nintendo Store There are many small Pokemon centers in Japan. Poor Britain, and Europe in general, have always been cold, away from the cold Limited time Pokமொmon centers in Paris and London.

As has now been announced, there is now at least one in Great Britain Pokemon Center Online Store Accessible. As in Japan and North America, a variety of merchandise and trade card products can be purchased here, although shipping is currently only possible for people living in Great Britain. It is not yet known whether the online store will expand to other parts of Europe.

The Beta Pokemon Center UK website is still stocked with a limited range of products. Pokemon expects demand to be high, but the Pokemon Center team says it will be difficult to add new product lines.

What do you think about this step, and in the future would you like to buy a “Pokemon Center Online” to shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?