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Plenty of space in the new Defender

With a commercial release, Land Rover’s Defender off-road icon now offers plenty of cargo space and traction.

The Offroad-Ikone Defender Back since 2019. Obviously Completely new upgraded version Technically there is nothing in common with its predecessor. With The commercial alternative Off-road vehicle advances now, too Plenty of cargo and traction space. Defender has been one of the off-road icons for 70 years Charge for the rough. And when things get tough, he is Out of place to restI was also able to check my own experience with Defender in the capture option. Now I’m standing in front of the new Land Rover Defender. Completely redeveloped, The designers managed to obtain Off-road characteristic One as well Strong as well as noble A missing design, even if it technically has nothing to do with the old design.

Range Rover has benefited One time from Guns technical improvements, This time it was the other way around – especially with Look at the design and equipment. The new Land Rover Defender is available in two chassis styles, 90 and 110. We’re not driving the family-friendly version, but the Defender is in Commercial version with a hard top. This means that there is nothing left behind the driver and front passenger seats thanks to the partition, followed by a flat loading area with three storage compartments, hooks and eye hooks in the floor. to leave Plenty of cargo space to. The download is done via a file Both passenger doors Or about Wide back door.

Perfect for commercial use

Commercial customers can fill up to 2,059 liters. Since we’re driving the long version, 110, we can load up to 800kg in Defender (Defender 90 has 600). If that wasn’t enough: Thanks to the trailer coupling, the Defender can also attach another 3.5 tons in the rear, which, by the way, can be folded and inserted automatically.

The driver and front passenger have a lot of space. Here are their Land Rover Lush luxury heir. Embellished in the center console Wide screen navigation, On All-round cameras The vehicle is shown in 360 degree view. Pictures Sharp blade, And of course the Defender also has a bottom view thanks to the front camera so the driver knows which surface it’s on. The The center console can also be converted into an emergency seatSo that a third party can also ride. However, it should not be too large.

Safe on the toughest terrain

Designer Of course the car for The heaviest terrain. By default, defender can use Handle approach angles of 30.1 ° in the front and 37.7 ° in the rear. Thanks to the air suspension, the driver can increase this angle to 37.5 and 40 degrees. The situation is similar to the angle of the ramp: it increases with the air suspension from 22 to 27.8 degrees at off-road altitude. The depth of wading is also impressive: It is included 90 cm. It goes without saying that the Defender has a permanent all-wheel drive system He likes a comfortable ride and doesn’t like shifting gears, He can now make friends with the cannons. Because in the new version the icon comes Only with automatic transmission. It does its job cleanly and quietly.

both of them Motors Buyers have Spoiled for choice. Land Rover offers Three diesel engines and four petrol engines at. On the diesel side, the Defender covers the classes 147 kW / 200 PS, 183 kW / 249 PS and 220 kW / 300 PS, as we were allowed to drive the middle version as a test car. satisfaction: Diesel is always up Six-cylinder unit with three litersWho does not get carried away when things get more intense. Gasoline side The range stretches from Four to six to eight cylindersThat meets all performance requirements from 221 kW / 300 hp to 386 kW / 525 hp. If you press the accelerator pedal correctly, the fuel consumption of a 2.4-ton car increases. Test drive Officially according to the NEDC, it is 7.6 to 7.8 liters of diesel, But Those who use the throttle profusely Makes come Quickly in a two-digit range. After all, you can drive at a top speed of 188 km / h.

Conclusion on the new DefenderAnyone wanting a company car that can load properly and still make something that is well served with the Defender code. Like the Defender 110 Hard Top, the price of the car starts at 53,193.28 euros. The entry-level model, Defender 90, is available at a net price of € 42,016.81.

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