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Playstation 5 update: 1440p resolution, game menus and more

Sony announced a software update for the PlayStation 5. The manufacturer has not yet announced the version number and the release date is still missing, but: we already know the innovations and modifications that have been made to the firmware.

In May it finally came Variable refresh rate, also known as VRRon Sony PlayStation 5. With Next software update There will now be more long-awaited features on the game console: Support for 1440p contentAnd the Game menusNew, improved user interface Social Features. If you are in beta group Then you can actually access the new features.

Finally: 1440p gaming

The PlayStation 5 software update beta allows HDMI video output with 1440p content. If you have a compatible monitor or TV, you can now select this resolution as the visual setting. If the selected game supports 1440p rendering, there is now a file original edition This resolution on the screen is possible.

Photo: Sony

However, if the game has a higher native resolution, such as 4K, setting it to 1440p provides more benefits. Then Playstation 5 takes care of that Refinement improvement through supersampling. You don’t have to try the new resolution right away. You can test your monitor’s compatibility in the settings. This feature is called Test 1440p Output and is located under the Screen and Video menu item.

Game listings and sound comparison

In your game library, you can also create lists of the previously mentioned games. To do this, just select the menu item “Create a list of games” on the tab “Your group”. That’s how you can Up to 15 game lists Each has a maximum of 100 games. The game can also be represented in several menus.

Pictures: Sony

For the music lovers among you, there is a new audio option: with it you can play 3D stereo sound Compare on the same device And choose the best location. In addition, ongoing in-game activities are now displayed in the game menu, allowing for quick switching between game and activities.

New social features

If you want to watch your friends play, you can now ask group members to do so Screen share request. This is done via a voice chat card. When you join a group where a member is already playing a game, you will now receive a notification that you can use to join that game directly.

Pictures: Sony

New friends’ profiles can now be viewed under the “Accepted Requests” menu item. In the base of the game, you can now also send voice messages and stickers to your own group.

When these features make their way out beta Meet all Playstation 5 users, Sony hasn’t said anything about it yet. But it probably won’t last long. Are you looking forward to the next update? 👏


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