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PlayStation 5: The new model is also available in Australia

A revised version of Sony’s PlayStation 5 digital version is now available in Australia.

Last month, the Japanese manual for the digital version of Sony’s PlayStation 5 was shipped

For the revised version of the console. It should go on sale in Japan at the end of July. Like the Australian gaming blog

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Announced this week, the revised digital version is now available in Australia as well.

The new PlayStation 5 version has a new screw to attach to the stand. It has a plastic handle on the head so there is no need to attach a screwdriver anymore. The new model is about 300 grams lighter than the original digital version. However, it is not yet known in which components Sony has stored this weight. The PlayStation 5 chip in the newer models also has the name CFI-1102A instead of the previous model number CFI1000. It is rumored that the revised version still has a new position with a clamp.

With the exception of Japan and Australia, the new PlayStation 5 models are already available in some parts of the United States

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. It is not yet clear when the revised PlayStation 5 digital version will arrive in Germany.