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PlayStation 5 Pro will come with new consoles that Sony is currently working on – GBS News

There have been whispers and rumors about the PlayStation 5 Pro over the past few weeks, but Sony hasn’t said anything official about a new console release. A new leak from Tom Henderson indicates that Sony is currently working on a new console for the PlayStation 5, which is in many ways a “Professional” variant of the Dualsense.

Henderson wrote that the new console will feature items such as detachable analog sticks, trigger stations, and flip-button paddles. He claims that Sony will reveal these new “Pro” consoles soon.

He claims that images of the alleged prototype were made available on the condition that they not be made public. It will be interesting to see if Sony decides to reveal the new consoles this month, or if it delays the announcement until later this year.

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Sony Might will reveal new PlayStation 5 “Pro” controllers very soon

The report claims that the controller’s overall design is the same as the Dualsense, but includes features like the analog and detachable sticks mentioned above. The console appears to include features that have become a mainstay in the accessory space.

For a while, Xbox controllers were generally more popular than Sony’s Dualshock controllers, but that seems to have changed quite a bit with the arrival of Dualsense. Xbox has traditionally succeeded in giving itself an edge over Sony consoles with offerings like the Xbox Elite, which include features like detachable analog sticks and paddles and allow users to further customize the console experience.

It looks like Sony may try to get into the console action and provide users with a “professional” touch on the standard Dualsense. This will be the first time that Sony offers a different type of console in stock.

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