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Playing Chief Investment Officer at IHAG Poker Tournaments

Playing Chief Investment Officer at IHAG Poker Tournaments

IHAG Bank is a traditional bank in the financial city of Zurich. It comes from the ancient Buhrl Empire and it has to leap into the modern era.

A specialist who has a hobby that does not fit the job should help at a crucial stage.

We’re talking about the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at IHAG. As such, he has the task of knowing the investment world and providing the bank’s client advisors with the “right” specs.

Analysis, knowledge and experience are the important values ​​for such a position. One would expect somewhat reserved types in the corresponding positions, at least economists or financial experts.

I am also a bank (Ihag, a map)

This may be the case with the CIO at the IHAG; His LinkedIn site shows an HSG Master’s in Economics and Finance, CFA and more.

A topshot poker career does not fit the image of a great analyst. There are many entries online about the IHAG top man’s participation in poker tournaments.

An IHAG spokesperson said: “We are aware that CIO (…) has occasionally participated in poker tournaments in his spare time until 2017/2018.”

“These were public occasions where bets were limited to a few hundred francs and therefore were of no economic importance.”

Everyone likes it. “The term ‘semi-professional’ is misleading and wrong in this context,” says the bank’s media person.

Poker players need nerves of steel. Who knows, it might be a particularly popular asset in today’s markets.