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"Platz des Liedes" has been selected as the location

“Platz des Liedes” has been selected as the location

Lollar (vh). The futuristic jungle kindergarten group in Lollar City may be under a bad star. The majority of Parliament members have just decided to locate the “Platz des Liedes” (above the cobbled car park on Altenbergstrasse) in Odenhausen. Rudiger Pohl (CDU): “That’s a bad omen.” The area selected was the Odenhausen landfill.

Plus, the exposed location gave him pause for thought. Pohl: “It’s a terrible hole.” Then he wanted to know if his parliamentary group’s proposal would be rejected just because it came from the CDU. Their alternative would be the Salzböden BBQ hut, known as “Atzenest”. The area there is more protected and proximity to the forest is provided. There are species of Douglas spruce and oak, so dry crown branches likely won’t cause any problems.

“The demand for daycare places is very high,” Buhl noted. There is still no daycare center on saline soils. The barbecue hut is suitable for housing.

Doctor. Jens rebuked Christian Kraft (CDU) management. Salzboden’s website has not actually been verified. A full forest kindergarten would not be in Odenhausen. Forest marking cannot be carried out on the intended site (there is a field everywhere), but it can be applied on saline soils.

Michael Kraft (CDU): “Forest Kindergarten doesn’t need constant proximity.” The day care center “Bunte Villa” in Odenhausen is located farther from the saline soil than the “Platz des Liedes” and will always be an emergency shelter in very bad weather. Kraft worries that old cars are still buried in the former landfill. It’s a bad place to play.

Norman Speer (SPD) reported that the day care center in Odenhausen already had contacts with the local NABU group and beekeepers in Salzboden. It is only a 10-minute walk from Bunter Villa to Platz des Liedes. Regular care hours (7.45 a.m. to 1 p.m.) can be extended to include lunch and longer care if necessary and in consultation with parents.

The “Platz des Liedes” decision resulted in eleven votes from the CDU party, one abstention, and another from supporters.