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Planted hedge - free space for pump path

Planted hedge – free space for pump path

The Society for the Protection of Nature and Birds (Navos) is active and already has several missions this year

This year, Navos has already cut down the fruit trees in Bünt and replanted the fence, put up and removed amphibian barriers again, maintained the natural path in the moss, and made a trip to Birrfeld.
In order for the fruit tree to grow well and bear fruit, it must be properly cared for. Urs Wettstein and Anita Schibli pruned trees correctly. The scraps were placed in a pile, which were intended to serve as shelter for various small creatures. The fence was replanted at Bünt under the direction of Thomas Vogler and Urs Wettstein. Now the space is free for the pump track, which will then be enclosed in a new fence. Michael Nutter built a mound for a young weasel in the planted fence. You’re supposed to move in soon and go find a rat in Bünt from there. To ensure that amphibians can reach their spawning grounds safely, barriers have been set up again at Holzrütistrasse and at Fohrholzli. After this step, which occurs mainly at dusk and in wet weather with temperatures above zero, it was again eliminated.

Trip to Bearfield
This year’s spring excursion took place in Beerfield led by Thomas Vogler. There were about a dozen people interested despite the cold weather and winter with occasional showers. They observed several Skylarks singing and flying as they rose to 100 meters in the air, and remained at the top for up to five minutes, before landing on the ground with a vertical dive near the rogue female. Thomas Vogler has reported a lot of interesting things about the sky dome, which has decreased in population all over the world due to changes in the landscape and is now one of the endangered species. (for payment)