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Planning space for balcony plants

Planning space for balcony plants

If you replant your window boxes for the summer, you should plan enough space for growth – so that the summer blossoms can grow well and fast-growing or creeping varieties do not overgrow other varieties.

Seven at once

The Young Plants Division (FGJ) of the Central Gardening Association recommends seven plants per meter as a general rule. If available, you should also write down the space information on the labels.

Sun worshiper or shadow lover?

In addition to the growth characteristics, you should also pay attention to exactly what the plants need and which ones will suit each other. For a sunny gazebo, experts recommend planting geraniums, hussar buttons or snapdragon. These flowers also tolerate drought sometimes.

In contrast, begonia and noble pansies thrive well in shaded places. Fuchsia and hydrangeas don’t need the midday sun either, they need a lot of water.

It all comes down to the right nutrients

In general, summer flowers need a lot of nutrients – so experts recommend using fresh soil and fertilizing plants regularly.

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