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Place 1 Made in Hiddenhauser Carpentry

Place 1 Made in Hiddenhauser Carpentry

The competition took place at Wilhelm Normann Vocational College. The items evaluated were those that the participants designed themselves and then built in the training company.

The jury praised the bar cabinet in a speech of praise, calling it “two-sided furniture.” Because at first glance it appears to be an “organized floating mass”. “But if you open the piece of furniture, you can see its second face. By attaching the side wall to the front door, the entire interior can be seen and experienced,” according to the jury.

Carlo Bleckoidi was quite amazed at his success: “I never expected first place,” the 25-year-old from Hereford said after Heiko Bahls and Udo Knick were announced from the top team of the Hereford Carpenters’ Guild. The new carpenter very early on was inspired by a hanging piece of furniture from a co-worker for his handyman’s piece: “It looks great and makes every room more beautiful,” explains Carlo Blequidi.

For now, his smoked oak bar cabinet has found an honorable place in his parents’ house, because the young carpenter is planning a multi-year journey: the USA and Canada are firmly on the road and ‘maybe South America too, if you’re already there on any case.”

Second place convinces by engineering design

Spenge’s Jonas Lasse Blome took second place with a Westphalian half-timbered oak sideboard. He completed his apprenticeship at Evangelische Jugendhilfe Schweicheln and as an internship at the Inter-Company Training Workshop in Bünde.

The jury said of his article: “The design language results from a geometric and angular design, paired with horizontal lines. The reference to modernity is reflected in the concept of sustainability and the regional reference in the choice of materials.”

The third prize was awarded to Justin Ainz of Hereford. Ota Seebach, Helena Tsiopandes and Edita Jemsky also praised the oak hall dresser, which was built at the training company Schaefer (owner Fet Cromker) in Inger: “The chest of drawers with subtle, clear details and clear function, as well as the combination – all this makes something very special than At first glance it appears to be an inconspicuous piece of furniture. ”