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Release im Herbst - Google verbaut im Pixel 6 erstmals eigenen Chip

‘Pixel Fold’ is likely to come this year

Google was particularly in a hurry to announce the upcoming Pixel 6 phone this year. The foldable pixel could be the real solution for Google.

The basics in brief

  • Meanwhile, Google has already confirmed and introduced the same Pixel 6 phone for this year.
  • The search engine operator will likely have another device up its sleeve this year.
  • “Pixel Fold” could be the real headline for the new font.

google it will not be googleIf not every year before smart phone– Launching a number of leaks that the devices will show. To counter this, the company now already has the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Submit and confirm. But now, in their place, information is leaking into another google-mobile phone through.

Will the Pixel Fold overshadow its sister models?

Google’s hasty presentation of this year’s major tournaments has caused confusion among some fans. Now it seems clear why the hardware actually shows up. the the alphabet-Daughter might like it From the actual pioneer turn or turn. The Pixel Fold should see the light of day at the end of 2021.

to foldable googleThe phone is currently ramping up rumors at full speed. Already two months ago it was revealed google over here Maybe it depends on Samsung screens will. For this purpose the notes on the collapsible file must now be included in the code for Android 12 have been found. However, there are still no more details about the upcoming device.

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