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Pion Catellato has come full circle

Pion Catellato has come full circle

Common beginning, common end!

After 'Let's Dance' ended, things came full circle for Pune Katilathu

02:42 minutes

A couple were left out of the song “Let's Dance”.

This evening brings Pune full circle

Time will bind them together forever!

After Show 7, Sophia Thiel and Pion Katilathu packed their bags for “Let's Dance.” For them, an amazing dance journey in which strangers become friends comes to an end. Especially for Bion and professional dancer Alexandru Ionel, this common ending is like fate, as they tell us in the video.

Bion and Alexandru share a special moment in the song “Let's Dance”.

Shortly after the dance break, Sofia and Bion, along with their professionals Alexandro and Marta, were unable to put into words what had just happened. There is a certain sadness in the air, but also a feeling of absolute gratitude, as Byun found.

He has a special story in common with professional Alexandru, as he tells it in the live broadcast after the show: “Before the pre-show, I was standing in front of the hotel and then Alex came up to me and welcomed me very warmly, I talked outside for about an hour.

So, it's a blessing in disguise for them that they are now leaving the show at the same time. “We are getting married now,” Alexandru joked.

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01:15 minutes

Bion Catellato during his exit from “Let's Dance”.

“I carry so much love with me!”

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Sophia Thiel: “I learned a lot about myself, my boundaries, and my body!”

Sofia is also very emotional after the show. Through the “Let’s Dance” program, she found herself even more, as she told us in the live broadcast after the show: “I learned a lot about myself, my limits, and my body. I am certainly very grateful! “

Byun sees it similarly: “I have a wonderful life experience with me, no one can take that away from us!”

And that's exactly what makes “Let's Dance” so special. The oft-quoted “Let's Dance” family who makes friends out of strangers.


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