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Pietro Lombardi interrupts the performance due to a phone call - "Alessio's mother is calling!"

Pietro Lombardi interrupts the performance due to a phone call – “Alessio’s mother is calling!”

Updated August 31, 2021, 7:00 AM

  • For the first time this weekend, six-year-old Pietro Lombardi’s son was allowed to attend his father’s concert.
  • Meanwhile, Mama Sarah Engels was worried.
  • I called Petro on the cell phone during the live show.

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fans Pietro Lombardi They were amazed when he had to urgently go to his cell phone during a concert on a beach chair last Saturday evening (August 28) near Lake Kimnader (Bochum). On the other end of the line was his ex-wife Sarah.

Pietro Lombardi reacted with eloquence and enthusiasm as usual. He immediately interrupted his presentation and explained to about 1,500 party-goers: “Oh, Alessio’s mother is calling! What a coincidence.” Fans are pleased that the 29-year-old took the video call live on stage.

Pietro Lombardi: “She wanted to ask how Alessio is doing”

‘Everyone says out loud, ‘Petro asked,’ asked the audience: ‘Hello Sarah! When he turned the phone over to his fans, the audience could already see Sarah’s face on the screen. Shortly thereafter, Pietro explained to his fans why Sarah had called during the concert: “She wanted to ask how Alessio is doing,” said the 2011 DSDS winner.

After all, on that day the son of the former spouses was allowed to watch his father’s live performance from the scenes for the first time. To reassure Mama Sarah, Petro passed his son’s cell phone without further ado – and then continued with his concert.

Blind affair with Sarah Julian’s friend

Fans of Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels were once again able to convince themselves of the good relationship between the two after their split during this entertaining live chat. Pietro Lombardi also gets along well with Sarah’s new husband Julian.

About a week ago, the translator for “Señorita” explained on “Grill den Henssler – Summer Special” on VOX that he would step in as a babysitter for Sarah and Julian at any time. He praised Julian with the touching words: “He’s absolutely dear, a good man. He’s also the only one I can trust in Alessio.”
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