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Physical shock schematics in number 1

Swiss rap first place: Xen and EAZ’s “Motivé” entered the Swiss premiere at number one. It’s the first accent song on that song since “079” Lo and Leduc.

Rapper Physical Shock’s third single is hitting big numbers: in 10 days, the song has already reached 450,000 streams on Spotify. The song has also landed in trends on YouTube without a music video and currently has 55,000 views. The record-breaking summer hit is the first time since then loredana In May 2020 an artist from Switzerland arrived for the artist. More time has passed since the last time dialect rappers topped the charts: recently, at the beginning of August 2018, they inaugurated Lou and LeducThe pop single “079” was still on the top of the podium before it was released the following week Capital Prague And the shout has been replaced.

“Motivé” is the first number 1 of beautiful And the EAZ: Despite gold and platinum records, two Swiss rap greats climbed high on the charts for the first time. They have already reached number two on the singles charts with the song “Kei Zit” and have scratched the clouds. With the still-unidentified Collab album, the two could get to #1 on the album charts: EAZ has already been in the top 5 twice and Xen 5 times, and together they could take the number one spot. You can soon listen to some excerpts from the Collabo album live in concert: On Saturday, Xen will perform at Openair Frauenfeld.