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Phase 3 of LEGO Ideas, 2021 results review coming tomorrow

Phase 3 of LEGO Ideas, 2021 results review coming tomorrow

LEGO Ideas 3 Results Review, Phase 2021

LEGO Ideas team today at Blog post Announced that the results of the third phase of the 2021 LEGO Ideas Review will be released tomorrow. With that, we finally got some belated certainty about what the new LEGO Ideas sets await in the coming years.

In general, the LEGO Ideas team agrees 36 designs of which at least one of them will likely be implemented as a group – otherwise the ideas team probably wouldn’t have announced the results of the review phase in a separate blog post associated with the competition. However, (unlike Latest ad) did not actually reveal that many of the drafts were actually successful. The results appear on the LEGO Ideas Blog (and of course on our website after a few minutes) 14:00.

All 36 designs at a glance

Last year, Oliver brought you all 36 designs available for selection here on the blog. This is exactly one more draft than in the last review stage. Also, this time there is no draft that has been deferred from the previous review stages, so this time it’s just “fresh” drafts.

So that you can have a detailed overview of the designs available for selection, we include our table with all the designs here again:

LEGO Ideas Lottery Results

The competition mentioned is very simple: comment On the LEGO Ideas blog, which will be the result of the review phase. Among all who are right (or closest), one copy of LEGO Ideas 21333 Starry Night at Vincent Van Gogh lottery The closing time for entries is 5 minutes before results are announced at 2:00 PM.

Survey: Your Desires and Ratings

Also in this review phase, we want to use a survey to ask about your wishes and your assessment of the possibility. StoneWars readers were completely wrong in our last review round, but nonetheless (or maybe because of that 😉) the survey is very interesting in our view.

This time we want to divide the questions into two parts. First of all, we want to know from you which groups from the current review stage you want I hope Will be. The second question depends on the groups you want to implement for probably Catch. you can Three possible answers Select and polls will close tomorrow at 2:00 PM for results.

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After the surprising results of the last review phase, we hardly dare to make an assessment here. The orchid will probably be executed in the meantime Officially Available Collections In any case it is excluded. We prefer leaving all other reviews to you! 😉

What are your favorites and what are your hopes for the results of LEGO Ideas tomorrow? Which group do you think will be implemented? Are you in the LEGO Ideas Contest? We look forward to a lively discussion in the comments.