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Pettit's friend is confused with his mother - the police admit their mistakes

Pettit’s friend is confused with his mother – the police admit their mistakes

The police admitted to investigating Gabi Pettito. Apparently an officer thought her boyfriend was his mother.

The basics in brief

  • In the US state of Florida, the investigation into the case of Gabe Pettito is still ongoing.
  • Now the police are making confessions.
  • Apparently, Gabe’s girlfriend mistook her mother for Taylor.

investigator in Florida He pleaded wrong in the Gabi Pettito case. One day in September, Pettito’s friend was apparently mistaken for his mother. This was stated by North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor, a local television station.

Pettito, 22, was reported missing on September 11. then became Parents’ house A friend in Florida is under police surveillance. The couple lived in the same house. Shortly thereafter, Pettito’s friend also disappeared.

The 23-year-old drove away in his car shortly after the young woman was reported missing. Police initially assumed that the young man returned to his parents’ home two days later.

“I think his mother was wearing a baseball cap,” Taylor said, now a police spokesman. Both were in a similar position. When the guy in the baseball cap got out of the car, they thought he was Pettito’s friend. “No situation is perfect,” Taylor says.

Pettito did not return from a trip to the States with her boyfriend that summer. After an extensive search, Pettito’s body was finally found in September in Wyoming. The couple traveled there as part of their road trip in the United States. According to the coroner, the young woman was strangled.

Taylor’s body parts have been found

Last week, parts of her boyfriend’s body were finally discovered in a Florida nature reserve. In the case, he was considered the person concerned with the investigation.

Recently there has been conflicting information about the time Petitto’s friend’s parents reported the loss of their son. Police originally reported that the parents only reported the police days after the 23-year-old’s disappearance. The family’s lawyer said he called the police a few days ago on behalf of the family.

The case received US and international attention. The couple shared many photos and videos from their trip on social networks.

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