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Petting shudders to finish sixth after defeat at Rosenheim

Petting shudders to finish sixth after defeat at Rosenheim

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from: Kathryn Kleinschmidt

His goal wasn’t enough: Lukas Guelke (capped here for the home match) equalized in Rosenheim, but Bing lost. © Holger Wieland

Things get really exciting on the final day of the Oberliga Süd. Because Bying failed to get a good starting position in Rosenheim.

Rosenheim – “Mike Glemser, Mike Glemser” was echoed at the ice rink in Rosenheim. The stadium announcer asked for donations. And the “Starbulls” players, as well as the EC Peiting players, stood on the ice. The day before, the club and the Glimser family announced how seriously the ice hockey player Rosenheim himself had been injured a month before the match in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: he is currently paralyzed from the neck down. Obviously, his fate was a big topic on Friday night — especially since a fundraiser is taking place. This brought in 245,000 euros within a very short period, as announced in the press conference after the Oberliga duel between Rosenheim and Beeting.

Even if the transition to it was obviously difficult, there was also talk of sporting things just seen on the ice. Bieng lost 1: 4 – and now he has to worry about direct participation in the playoffs.

EC Peiting: Encountered by a majority

Anton Sal’s team got off to a good start in the match. “We held up really well,” said Coach Sale. There were good chances for both sides. But of all things, when they had the majority, the people from Beeting managed to counterattack – Rosenheim’s top scorer Norman Honner beat ECP goalkeeper Florian Hechenreider and put the Starbulls ahead.

Lukas Guelke equalized shortly after the first half. Marko Neuvolic patted the ball behind Rosenheim’s goal and passed it to Guelke, who completed the ball with a direct tackle. The answer came instantly – and in a similar way. Bradley McGowan circled the goal, passed to Honner, who hit the ball directly – the Starbulls were already leading 2-1. As a result, both teams received penalties, with Peitinger having to leave the ice for a longer period. After a check from Rosenheim’s Dominique Kolb against Félix Brassard, Samuel Bauer ran out and hit Kolb – earning a two-plus-five-minute penalty. Ironically, at a point when the Communist Party of Pakistan was playing for power. Instead, a rough time with a man down followed, which continued into the third third.

Florian Heichenreider keeps Petting in action at Rosenheim

But Peiting survived the minutes with a man down, so anything was possible in the final part of the match. But Rosenheim was difficult to break through – and dangerous to attack. ECP goalkeeper Hechenrieder had to step in again and again. “We can thank him for the fact that it’s been a tight duel for so long,” said Sale.

But at first, she didn’t want to work for another purpose. “We haven’t found any ways or means to reward ourselves,” said Sale. Instead, Rosenheim celebrated again with eight minutes left, Stefan Reiter increasing it to 3: 1. Peiting had to risk it. With two minutes left in the game, Saale removed goalkeeper Hechenrieder in favor of the sixth fielder. Courage was not rewarded, and instead Reiter completed Rosenheim’s counterattack with a goal to make it 4:1.

EC Peiting is no longer in control

After this result, EC Peiting could no longer make the playoffs for the final on their own, they finished in seventh place. The team should definitely win at home against Landsberg on Sunday. And I hope Memmingen fails against Deggendorf. “We need support now,” Sal admitted. “This is out of our hands.”


Rosenheim Starbull 4
EC Peiting 1
(1:0, 1:1, 2:0)
First trimester: 1: 0 (7:12) Hauner (Möchel / Tölzer / 4-5). The second third: 1: 1 (22:43) Gohlke (Niewollik / Spies), 2: 1 (25:56) Hauner (McGowan / McNeely). third third: 3:1 (51:28) Ryder (Rainig / Crombie), 4:1 (58:29) Ryder (English). Penalty minutes: Rosenheim 10, Beeting 4 + 5 (Bayor). to rule: Main Weger. Viewers: 2638.