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Peter Schmeichel and Danish players criticize UEFA

Peter Schmeichel and Danish players criticize UEFA

Denmark internationals and Peter Schmeichel are taking a hard look at UEFA’s behavior after Christian Eriksen’s collapse at Euro 2020.

The basics in brief

  • Christian Eriksen collapsed during the match against Finland.
  • The Danish playmaker had to be revived on the field.
  • The match ended the same night. This is now causing criticism.

Just over an hour after cardiac arrest Eriksen Danish footballers stood on Saturday evening Back on the scene.

Denmark will continue Euro 2020 – a good decision?

Continue their Euro 2020 group game against Finland. And UEFA announced: “At the request of the players of both teams, UEFA has agreed to resume the match.”

The version of many Danish players looks a little different. “We, the players, put us in a situation that I don’t think is fair.” This is what Kasper Schmeichel says At a press conference on Monday.

European Union in cash

UEFA has the teams Given the choiceTo continue the Euro 2020 match on Saturday evening or lunchtime on Sunday. “You should have waited to make a decision,” said the goalkeeper.

Danish striker Martin Braithwaite’s words sound similar. “Neither option was good,” said the player F.C.B.

“We picked the least bad.” Continuation of the game “was not a wish”.

Did they really have a choice?

Casperes too the fatherPeter Schmeichel criticizes the European Football Association. Representing UEFA does not correspond to the “truth”, as stated in the “goal”.

In addition to the two options mentioned above, according to the former ManUtd goalkeeper, there was another: a 3-0 defeat in favor of the Danes.

Did they really have a choice? said the 57-year-old.

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