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Pet Kidnapping Law – Cat Thieves Will Soon Face Jail In Great Britain – News

Pet Kidnapping Law – Cat Thieves Will Soon Face Jail In Great Britain – News


The new law imposes strict penalties. It is said that it is important to protect the weakest.

It was an unforgettable moment in the British Parliament when Conservative MP George Freeman spoke in the House of Commons not only on behalf of his constituents, but also on behalf of his cat and dog.

Parliament's mission is to defend the most vulnerable groups in the country. This particularly included pet theft and kidnapping. A traumatic experience for everyone involved.

Only strict penalties, such as those set out in the new Pet Snatching Law, can stop thieves' reprehensible behaviour. After all, the British are an animal-loving nation.

The Speaker of the House of Commons nodded in understanding. This is not surprising. Sir Lindsay Hoyle keeps a collection of animals at home. Among them is a talkative parrot named “Boris.” Even the Prime Minister is only enjoying a temporary residence with Larry the cat in Downing Street.

There is a risk of up to five years in prison

The reason behind the “pet kidnapping bill” is the pandemic. During times of lockdown, animal thefts have increased endemicly. The government immediately took action and launched a “Pet Theft Task Force” in 2021.

In the future, police should not be allowed to manage animal kidnappings in the same way as bicycle thefts. No – anyone who kidnaps dogs, cats or hamsters should be punished with imprisonment for up to five years.

Biggest bullshit I've ever read.

But animal rights activists and behavioral biologists are sounding the alarm. Will the friendly older ladies who offer feral cats some milk end up behind bars? What do you do if you are “adopted” by a cat?

Criminal lawyers raise their hands

Anyone who has had the privilege of sharing their life with a cat knows that this law is just zoological nonsense: although cats belong to the genus Felis Domestica, But that doesn't mean they have to let the law tell them who to give their love to or which dishes they prefer.

But that's not the only reason lawyers are raising their hands: “The biggest nonsense I've ever read,” well-known criminal lawyer Matthew Scott told the BBC about the bill. He can only hope that the Senate will stop this bill. Britain's courts and prisons are already overcrowded.

In fact, pre-trial detainees wait in overcrowded prisons for months until they finally appear before a judge. The lawyer predicts that if countless pet owners march now, chaos will be inevitable.

The problem is no longer a problem at all

In addition, reality has long outgrown this law. The epidemic has become history, and with it the need for two friends to hug. The British no longer suffer primarily from loneliness, but from the high cost of living.

Consequently, dogs and cats are no longer being kidnapped at a record rate in Great Britain – but are more likely to be abandoned.