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Perhaps the most unlucky person in Swiss football ended his career at the age of 25

Perhaps the most unlucky person in Swiss football ended his career at the age of 25

Miguel Peralta (left) hangs up his soccer boot.


Even after his fourth cruciate ligament tear, Miguel Peralta didn’t want to give up at first and made his way back to team training in Arau with great force of will. But now the 25-year-old has come to the conclusion that he wants to “give his body some rest”.

It has been almost a year since his last match for FC Aarau. On July 30, 2020, Miguel Peralta started against GC – and of course the 24-year-old didn’t know that this would be the last match of his agonizing career.

Just a few minutes later, Peralta was seriously injured after an unfortunate duel. Diagnosis: cruciate ligament rupture. again. For the fourth time. He also suffered damage to the meniscus in his knees.

Perhaps no other Swiss professional footballer has faced a similar ordeal at this age. In the summer of 2014, Peralta signed his professional contract with Aarau, and since then he has played only 49 matches for the club. He missed 200 matches due to injury.

“Now is the time”

Despite everything, giving up was never an option for Peralta. Until now. on Sunday Announces FC AarauThe winger will end his football career with immediate effect. Despite the contract until 2022. Peralta says he wants to give his body, which has sacrificed so much in recent years for his dream, some rest.

At the request of “Blue News” he explained: “I made the decision myself because I feel like all the operations were going to end sooner or later anyway. I thought it was the right time so that my body wouldn’t be under this much stress.”

However, he remains loyal to FC Aarau. In another role, Peralta will continue to work for the club, including creating videos on social media. “I am looking to the future and very happy to continue working for my heart club,” says Niedergösger.

And at some point a football fanatic will surely dare to hit the grass again. Peralta: Certainly not yet. But let’s see how long it will take for the tingling to go away.”