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Perhaps no Tesla FSD program in Europe in 2021>

Apparently in the USA and Canada, too, beta testing participants using Tesla’s autopilot software called FSD are currently getting the new version 10.12.2, and according to CEO Elon Musk, it should allow for a significant increase in the number of testers. In Europe, on the other hand, there have been no discernible improvements in autopilot for a long time, Perhaps because Tesla hardly developed the previous system any further Instead it focuses primarily on the new FSD program. According to Musk’s CEO, as of March, beta testing should also start in Europe in the summer if regulations allow. According to an observer, nothing is likely to happen this year.

Important committee for Tesla meets

In the US, you can pretty much do whatever you want, but in the EU, Tesla needs approval to start FSD testing, Musk said at the German Gigafactory’s opening at the end of March. Additionally, transportation to Europe is challenging because there are many subtle differences in traffic between countries. However, the CEO explained, if regulators continue to operate, testing will likely begin this year. Shortly thereafter, he wrote on Twitter about this summer, but noted again that it depends on approval.

The groundwork for this has to be laid by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), a UN body that only 56 countries can’t agree on blanket rules for Europe. Some Tesla owners are used to it because Autopilot system cut in May 2019 with software update The company cited a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe regulation as the reason. As announced by the same committee, the working group meeting on vehicle coordination was held last week, and other meetings at various levels are scheduled for June.

Could be a reason European FSD optimism from Tesla Musk CEO in March It has been. But according to a customer and YouTuber from Belgium, who closely monitors the European autopilot regulation, it is unlikely that it will be approved this year. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is currently working on completely new regulations for semi-autonomous driving, Stephen Peters, a full-time consultant at a software company, confirms in a recent video. One draft includes the new class DCAS (Dynamic Control Assist Systems) for systems that can do more than today’s assistants, but still operate under the responsibility of the person at the wheel.

this definition Also applies to Tesla’s FSD autopilotThat is why Peters says that UNECE’s current activities could also pave the way for pilot testing in Europe. However, there is currently only a rough draft document with many omissions and on a somewhat abstract level. This is why concrete new rules are not expected to come into effect in the near future, explains the software consultant. In any case, this year is no longer expected, as he said twice in the video.

Autopilot change allowed soon?

A decision on another autopilot order could be made as early as this month, Peters explains. It was recently reported that Tesla has suspended electric vehicle deliveries from the EU with additional EAP and FSD autopilot options Because the job in it should be illegal. According to the reports, it has to do with the possibility of allowing the system to also change highways, which is different from changing lanes without the driver’s confirmation.

According to Peters, the Economic Commission for Europe will vote in June on whether this should remain prohibited. It is also planned to increase the maximum permissible speed of temporary autonomous driving (level 3) from 60 to 130 kilometers per hour. However, for now, only Mercedes will benefit from this, for The EQS electric car and its combustion-engine counterpart, the S-Class, are the only manufacturers to receive Level 3 approval I have received. If the proposed increase comes, it will be able to run on the Autobahn at 130 speed, as the observer promised – Mercedes will then have a “real advantage over Tesla”. This may not have been what CEO Musk envisioned for regulatory progress in Europe.