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Performance boost: Nvidia could work on improved AI drivers

Graphics card manufacturer nvidia It is said to be currently working on GPU drivers that use AI optimizations. Up to 30 percent better gaming performance can be achieved with the update. However, Nvidia has yet to announce a performance boost.

In addition to the hardware itself, the drivers used with graphics cards also have a significant impact on how a GPU performs in practice. Therefore, Nvidia could soon equip its software with AI improvements. If a rumor spreads through the CapFrameX Twitter account, the revised drivers could see the light of day in the first quarter of the new year.

While a maximum of 30 percent increase in performance can be achieved, it is said that 10 percent more performance can be achieved on average. It remains to be seen if the improvements will be limited to just the GeForce RTX 40 series or if older models will also benefit from the improved AI drivers. According to the team behind the analysis tool CapFrameX, AI algorithms can be used to make improvements in the areas of help, throughput, usability, threading, and settings, among other things.

Improved profiles have been available for a long time

Of course, it remains to be seen how the AI-optimized drivers will hold up in practice. It is still possible that some errors will appear, especially in the initial stage. Users already have the option to select profiles for many of the games offered via GeForce Experience. A large database is used for this. Other GPU manufacturers like AMD are already offering such improvements.

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