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People flee after Semeru volcano erupts

People flee after Semeru volcano erupts

Semeru volcano erupted again on the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday. Local television stations showed videos of people screaming and fleeing from a thick cloud of ash that darkened nearby villages. Initially there were no reports of deaths or injuries.

The volcano with a height of about 3,700 meters is the highest mountain in Java and is located in Bromo-Tengir-Semeru National Park in the east of the most populous island in Indonesia. He is always active. Lumagang district chief Thorikul-ul-Haq said a bang had been heard from the volcano since Friday. “Now it’s dark in the villages,” he told Kompass TV.

Glowing lava flowed up to 800 meters from the edge of the crater, the National Civil Protection announced. Its spokesman, Abdul-Mahari, warned against approaching the river there because the mud currents from the volcano, the so-called lahar, can cause flooding. Compass TV reported that a bridge connecting two districts has collapsed and many homes have been buried under volcanic rubble.

Indonesia is located on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire. The island nation of about 275 million has nearly 128 active volcanoes. This year, Merapi in Java, Sinabung in Sumatra and Leutulu in Limbata have already erupted. (SDA)