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Payload, cargo space and more: What the Airbus A350 F offers in detail

Payload, cargo space and more: What the Airbus A350 F offers in detail

109 ton payload: The European aircraft manufacturer has revealed for the first time the performance data of the A350 F, making it possible to compare the Airbus freighter with the Boeing 777 F.

When Airbus in July the long-awaited Introduced the freight version of the Airbus A350The aircraft manufacturer has kept technical details undisclosed. CEO Guillaume Faury explained only that the new aircraft will be “mainly” based on the A350-1000 and will have a carrying capacity of more than 90 tons.

Now its manufacturer opposite the gate liham Reveal more details. Accordingly, the A350 F is based on the A350-1000 variant with the highest take-off weight (English: maximum take-off weight or MTOW) of 319 tons. However, the fuselage is slightly shorter in front of the wings, which results in a better center of gravity for the cargo ship.

A350 F 109 tons

Airbus’ new freighter is still 6.9 meters longer than its competitor, the Boeing 777F. This means that the A350 F has a payload volume of 695 cubic metres. This roughly corresponds to the volume of the Boeing 747-8 F main deck and is 10 percent larger than the 633-cubic-meter 777F.

While the 777 F has a payload of 103.7 tons, the A350F has a payload of 109 tons, about 4.5 percent more. That’s 46 tons more than the passenger version of the A350-1000. Since there is no passenger compartment and the cargo ship is shorter, the berth weight is reduced by 30 tons. The A350 F is therefore 20 tons lighter than the 777 F.

What will the Boeing 777 XF offer?

In terms of cargo density, the 777 F weighs 164 kg per cubic meter, the A350 F 157 kg. Among other things, Airbus is strengthening the aluminum floor beams on the main deck of the freighter. The large cargo door to the main deck is located behind the pavilion.

Currently, only the 777 F, which is based on the 777-200 LR, can be used as a comparison to the A350 F. But it will be interesting to see how the values ​​look compared to those of the 777 XF. However, Boeing has not yet officially announced the cargo version of the modernized version of the long-range classic car. who – which Can change at the Dubai AirshowWhich starts on November 14th.