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"Party Rocket" Beatrice Egli: A rude alcohol confession!

“Party Rocket” Beatrice Egli: A rude alcohol confession!

Pop singer Beatrice Egli is now revealing how often she drinks alcohol. You will be surprised by this recognition.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli loves to go crazy.
  • Now she laughs on the TV show: “Everyone always thinks I’m drunk.”
  • The pop singer reveals her own alcohol secret.

Tens of thousands of fans dance and sing to their songs. But Beatrice Egli, 33, also loves to party for life. It’s totally a “party rocket”, as she reveals in “Club 1” in ARD.

Then she revealed something surprising: in order to get into a festive mood, a mature blonde needs nothing more than her good mood.

“I am a total party rocket. But really, I’m always the one who doesn’t drink. But everyone thinks I’m drunk,” she laughs. Ooooh!

The beautiful butcher’s daughter knows about her temper nature of any contraindications. Remarkably unfamiliar to many. Error.

Do you drink?

Already at a young age there was no sparkling wine or wine in her glass. But it seems that Beatrice Egli has discovered her partisan vein over time.

In 2014, when she was still settling at Hotel Mama, she told Austrian “Courier”: “I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself good. But I don’t drink and I don’t go out.”

Anyway, she doesn’t have time for the sugar scandals that her fellow celebs regularly give in: “I work really hard and sleep no more than four hours a day,” Egli said at the time.

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