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Paris Hilton netted Chitstorm because of her Hawaiian vacation

Paris Hilton netted Chitstorm because of her Hawaiian vacation

Some fear for their livelihood, others are on vacation!

To be more precise, the It girl is enjoying her vacation less than 50 kilometers away from Lahaina, Hawaii. The place was almost completely destroyed by fire.

Paris and her family are seen on Wailea Beach. The latest photos prove it.

Paris Hilton hugs her six-month-old son, Phoenix. Walking next to her is her husband, Carter Rheum, 42.

Fans of the strong blonde find this behavior inappropriate. Comments like “disgusting” or “totally inappropriate. How could she?” are a must read.

Tourists are not currently advised to visit Maui. However, the authorities continue to recommend visiting the islands and other resorts that are economically dependent on tourism.

Hot in the case of Paris Hilton: People who have lost their homes should have as many hotel rooms as possible. It should also be made available to civil protection workers. Thousands of people responded to the call. Hilton is clearly not…

After posting pictures of Paris Hilton’s vacation, she called for a fundraiser on her Instagram page.

However, Hilton has not yet directly commented on the tragedy itself…