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Paris Hilton: Millionaire heiress enjoys her honeymoon on Bora Bora

Paris Hilton: Millionaire heiress enjoys her honeymoon on Bora Bora

The extravagant wedding lasted three whole days Paris Hilton (40) They put on ten different clothes. No wonder she’s a cult blonde and her husband Carter Ryome (40) Allow yourself to go well on your honeymoon. First stop: Bora Bora. Here the two lovebirds enjoy the turquoise waters and share many shots at sea and on a luxury yacht. Of course, the hotel heiress not only wears a swimsuit, but also wears it Designed diving suit for the equivalent of 400 euros I hatched. Oversized sunglasses complete the 40-year-old’s beachy look.

In the video above, you can see enviable snapshots of Paris Hilton’s honeymoon, including the luxurious wetsuit.

Paris Hilton: This is how the hotel heiress celebrated her extravagant wedding

They say, “All good things come in three,” but at Paris Hilton it took four engagements of the blonde to hit the altar. However, with Carter’s regret, it seems that she has finally found the right person and given the entrepreneur November 11 finally the word yes. To celebrate this properly, there was not only a romantic ceremony, but a three-day celebration. And here nothing was spared: in addition to the huge wedding cake, celebrity guests were allowed to impress Emma Roberts (30), Paula Abdul | (59) and Kim kardashian (41) Deck at the Santa Monica Pier, which is rented exclusively for the celebration. For this, the girl – how could it be otherwise – appeared in a pink dream made of tulle.