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Paris Hilton is spending her time in Maui

Paris Hilton is spending her time in Maui

Forest fires

Despite the warnings, the celebrities are spending time on Maui

Maui is in a state of emergency for several days due to wildfires. Despite warnings from the authorities, the stars are currently on the island.


Paris Hilton is vacationing in Maui. However, according to an inside source, she is supportive of the local authorities.


  • Paris Hilton, 42, is vacationing in Maui – despite the wildfires.

  • She’s not the only celebrity currently on the island.

  • Oprah Winfrey, 69, has her own property not far from the crisis zone.

on Maui is in a state of emergency. There has been a fire on the holiday island in and around the city of Lahaina for days. the Wildfires have already killed more than 90 people. The fire doesn’t stop some celebrities from spending time on Maui.

Businesswoman Paris Hilton was spotted lounging on Wailea Beach with her son Phoenix and husband Carter Rheum, 42. According to the Daily Mail, the couple arrived on the same day as the fire: August 8th. Despite the severe social media storm, the 42-year-old is continuing with her vacation. According to a source close to her, she supports the local authorities. The source told Murour that Paris and Carter have made donations to shelters, among other things. In her story, she posted links to relief organizations on the site.

Oprah Winfrey owns a home on the island of Maui

Despite pleading with the authorities to leave the island, talk show host Oprah Winfrey is currently in Maui. The 69-year-old owns her own home on the island. Your property is not far from the danger zone. The moderator would like to help those affected on the site. Among other things, I brought pillows to the evacuees. She also announced that she would go shopping for shampoo, diapers and other necessities for the locals.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 59, owns a $78 million estate in Maui. His girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 53, announced on Instagram that she would donate $100 million to help with the reconstruction. The couple will establish a fund dedicated to the cause.

Celebrity calls for donations

Many celebrities are appealing to support the island with donations. Model Bella Hadid, 26, wrote on Instagram that her heart is broken for the people involved. Hawaii native Jason Momoa (44) advocates not to travel to Maui. “You have no right to walk into a sad place and explore it and take pictures,” says the Aquaman rep on Instagram.

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