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Paris Diamond League - Cambonge narrowly beat Del Ponte and finished fifth in the 100m - Sports

Paris Diamond League – Cambonge narrowly beat Del Ponte and finished fifth in the 100m – Sports


In a Swiss sprint duel, Mujinga Kambundji beats Ajla del Ponte for one time.

Swiss missions

  • Mujinga Kambundji and Ajla del Ponte

Swiss women Mujinja Kamponge and Agila del Ponte managed once again to compete with the world class at the Diamond League meet in Paris. With a time of 11.12 seconds, Kambundji finished fifth and was six thousand faster than Del Ponte who was seventh. Once again, Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herrah has led. The Jamaican won by 10.72 seconds over compatriot Sherica Jackson (10.97 seconds) and Dina Asher Smith of Great Britain (11.06 seconds).

On the road

Marilyde Paulino won in the field of the first class of participants. The athlete relegated from the Dominican Republic to Echo Williams (Bar) and Alison Felix (USA) to other places. Felix, a 12-time world champion, made it into the track circuit very quickly, but couldn’t keep up with the pace. Exceptional talent Fimk Ball (NED) started the 400m flat once and finished fourth.

Fred Curley won over 200m. The American silver medalist for the 100 meters from Tokyo set a new personal best with a time of 19.79 seconds. Lausanne winner Kenny Bednarek finished second. The 22-year-old was the first-ever athlete to run the 200m 10 times in a season under 20 seconds.

The 3,000-meter runners showed a very fast sprint, with Francine Nyonsaba running in both the meetings and national records for Burundi in 8:19.08. Behind the 28-year-old, who has a high testosterone level due to a genetic predisposition and therefore has to resort to longer distances, Ejgayehu Taye also set a new personal best and a national record for Ethiopia. Kenya’s Margaret Chelemo Kipkimboe, who was the fastest ever in her career, took third place.

M oval

After his shock defeat at Lausanne, Armand Duplantis rehabilitated himself in Paris. The high Swedish pilot managed to jump over the magical 6 meter mark with 6.01 m. Duplantis failed the world record height of 6.19 m. The competition couldn’t keep up. Filipino second-placed John Ernest Obiena set a new personal best of 5.91 metres, with Lausanne winner Christopher Nielsen (USA) third.

In the women’s high jump, an Australian swung over the top. Nicola McDermott cheated on series winner Maria Lasitskene (Russia). Both athletes jumped 1.98 m. McDermott, unlike Lasitskene, succeeded on the first attempt. At the Olympics, the Russians outperformed McDermott. Irina Gerashchenko took third place with a height of 1.95 meters.