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Paranoia?  Strong hope for Prince Harry

Paranoia? Strong hope for Prince Harry

“Spare” for Prince Harry sets a historic record

Rarely have the British royals feared any book so much at the same time and at the same time I miss you so much Royal fans like Prince Harry’s memoir “Spear,” which appeared in Germany under the name “Reserve”.. In it, the exiled king revealed his life at court – and spooky stories emerged.

However, it may be Harry’s revelations that have led many people to buy his work in recent weeks. with approx 470,000 copies sold in print The 38-year-old has set a new record – and it makes ‘The Bookseller’ managing editor Tom Teffnan very happy, as he confirmed to the Mirror:

Nonfiction books don’t usually sell at this rate. 250,000 copies would be a nice first week target, but 470,000 copies is a landmark.

Yes, Prince Harry has it with ‘Spare’ A real bestseller Create. However, it is questionable whether he will qualify for a special award that his wife, Duchess Meghan, is planning.