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Paramount +: TV app coming soon to all LG TVs around the world

LG kicked off its CES press conference by announcing that it will offer two video services on LG TVs worldwide. The TV app for streaming service Paramount+ will launch on Wednesday in Great Britain and Ireland. According to the presenter, the application will be followed by other countries, including Germany, “in the coming days.” LG Germany could not immediately confirm this on the site, but said the app would be available “soon.”

Paramount+ launched in Germany at the beginning of December, but without a TV app for LG TVs — although in the US the service supports TVs from the manufacturer as of the 2018 model year.

But there is a trick: Paramount + can be installed not only as a TV app, but also as a channel (channel) in the Apple TV app and via Amazon’s Prime Video app, which is available for LG TVs and consoles. over there.

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More from c't magazine

But there’s a catch: Paramount+ doesn’t know “cross-authorization”, so you can’t log into a channel with an account created via the app or browser, or vice versa. This may be disadvantageous if you like to use multiple devices. In this regard, the TV app is perhaps the best solution for some users.

Furthermore, Paramount announced that the ad-funded live streaming portal Pluto will become part of its ‘LG Channels’ platform. The latter can be used on LG TVs with internet access at no additional cost – and offers a range of “live TV” programmes, often on topics of special interest. Pluto TV is said to have brought over 100 new “TV channels” once again. The companies did not make any concrete statements about the launch of the offer.


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