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Paralympics in Tokyo - Swiss cheers: Cher wins medal, Debroner wins bronze - Sports

Paralympics in Tokyo – Swiss cheers: Cher wins medal, Debroner wins bronze – Sports


Manuela Scheer and Catherine DeBrunner receive two more medals at the Paralympic Games for the Swiss delegation in Tokyo.

Manuela Scheer took another step forward at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. After winning silver on Saturday over the 5,000m, the 36-year-old took the crown in the T54 class for the 800m on Sunday. For Char, it is the first gold medal in the Paralympic Games.

At first, the woman withdrew from Kriens, only Tatyana McFaddon (USA) could keep up. What followed was a duel in which Char always had the upper hand. To the end, she showed a shocking pace and won with an impressive time of 1: 42.82 minutes – this is a new record in the Paralympic Games. Bronze went to Susanna Scaroni (USA).

“It’s not concrete yet. I’m overwhelmed with thought,” Scheer said after the victory. “The race was tough, but I was able to save a lot of energy in the lead up to the race.” The silver medal inspired them on Saturday. “Without this I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that.”

Debroner Bronze

Shortly after noon, Catherine DeBrunner impressively explained why the 800m is her favorite distance. The 26-year-old took the lead in the T53 class from the start and had to tear something up mid-race.

However, with a last-ditch, the elementary school teacher propelled herself to her first medal at the Paralympics. In the end he lit a time of 1: 47.66 minutes. Gold went to Madison de Rosario (Australia) ahead of Hongchuan Chu (China).

It is the greatest achievement of Debroner’s career. In 2019 she won the silver medal at the World Cup in Doha. Joy was written on Debroner’s face after the coup. “It worked perfectly,” she said. “I took a complete risk. It was a very fast race and in the end it got tight again.”

Dealer without exploitation above 100m

Philip Handler earned a diploma over 100m in the T13 class. The visually impaired runner was able to qualify for the Paralympics final for the first time in the previous period. There he could not keep up with the best. In the end, it looked seventh place.

“That was great. I wanted to get a little better compared to the morning, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough,” Handler said softly. He went to Jason Smith from Ireland, followed by Jamil Usmani (ALG) and Jean Carlos Mina Abonza (Colorado).